Candy Crush Secrets – Find those hidden gems!

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Sitting in a park on a lazy summer day I was battling, as I often do, on Candy Crush Saga.  I thought I was doing well, up to level 42 with all my lives still!

Anyway this guy from school comes up to me and shows me his score it was amazing; up to level 178, and this blew my 42 out of the water!  To make matters worse he had only been playing for a few days.

Right I thought, I need to find out how to do this, its humiliating being on such a low score!  So I started asking round.  I heard from a guy at another school that he had found a secret guide to the game.  Not many people knew about it, but it contained golden advice on how to beat every level!

Thinking this must be a scam I took down the web name to check out at home.  Sure enough this guide shows all the little tricks for the game to beat every level.

This was great!  Now I could go to work getting higher and higher scores.  I knew the boy from School must have some kind of help and now I knew what it was.

This guide is gold, unlimited gold, and no scam!  I had never seen such high scores.

The best bit is, now I can run through levels and dominate gameplay without having to either pay for gold or having to send out friend invites every 5 minutes.

With the guide I have picked up unlimited lives, boosts on demand and all the best charms.  This has helped me to clear 15-20 levels a day!

This is Great!  When my friends see my progress they are now like wow you are a pro at this and they keep asking questions:

What level are you at today then?

Where do you get such and such charm from?

How Much gold have you got, and where did you get it all?

What am I telling them?  Simple it’s just my skills! (I’m not going to give away my secrets to them LOL!)

With this guide I have gone from zero to hero in just a couple of days, one guy even asked me on a date – but he was just on level 124 so sorry! Get back to me when you are on level 230 at least…

I hate to share my secrets, but this has brought me so much attention that I just had to share it.  From just creeping up a level at a time (usually being stuck for days) to not having any gold or gems, I can rock through the levels without spending more time on the game than I had been.

Gone is my endless frustration, banging my head against the wall.  Really I thought it was me that was the problem and that I was just not good enough for the game.  This guide has shown me the way  now I am like a Candy Crush Saga GOD!

Oh, don’t be tempted by some of these spam guides.  They are free up front but want your account details and will try to hack your account or send spammy messages.  A friend got a really creepy message from someone after using one of these, so steer clear!

Use this guide and you will have a great time dominating the game and wowing your friends.

… just keep this as our secret right?

Click here to unlock Candy Crush Secrets

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